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Episode 5 - Steroids & Bodybuilding - Straight talking Dave Crossland delivers a powerful take on his journey in steorids and why he hates tren and how to prevent steorid harm.

July 3, 2017

In this episode we welcome our second guest to the podcast Dave Crosland . Dave Crosland is a performance and image enhancing drugs specialist . He has developed drugs presentations for the British military, spoken at the HIT national conference on steroid use. As well as being lead speaker at the national steroid research centre annual conference. Dave has developed training programs for the police, harm reduction services and the prison services. He has also been involved in the world of steroids for over 20 years both as a user and advisor. He has developed programs and presentations as well as doing years of in the field research on users and using trends

We discuss a wide range of subjects from beginner courses to advanced topics such as blood level testing, stacking and health risks.  Dave delivers an honest , no nonsense and fact filled body of knowledge in this podcast. He has started his own business that specialises in this area. Click the following link to get in touch with him for professional and personal queries .

To wrap up we,  again we take some listener questions which are always welcome.


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