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Episode 4 - Nutrition with sports Nutritionist Matt Lovell talks all things nutrition and gives indepth advise to bodybuilders & he tell us how he helped England win the Rugby World cup!

June 25, 2017

In this episode we welcome our very first guest to the podcast Matt Lovell. Matt Lovell is a leading sports nutritionist with an exemplary CV and a wealth of experience. He’s previously spent time on Harley Street, specialising in elite sports and body composition managements. In 2002, Matt began working with the England rugby team, and in 2003 he was part of Sir Clive Woodward’s backroom staff that helped England win the World Cup.


We discuss a wide range of subjects from carb intake needs and levels, glycogen stores, protein intake , ammino acids and other nutritional supplements and minerals. Matt also delve's into some specialised tips and tricks to help bodybuilders train harder, recover faster and stay healthier. The wealth of knowledge and expertise shared here is immense.


To wrap up we,  again we take some listener questions which are always welcome.

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