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The UK Beef Magazine’s Ultimate Bodybuilding Podcast


Episode 1 - The pod squad smashes onto the podcast scene. We unleash Robbie Anchant onto the air waves and introduce the UK Beef Magazine Podcast !

June 5, 2017

Welcome to the very first UK beef magazine ultimate bodybuilding podcast. This podcast features one of the UK's premier bodybuilders Neale Cranwell, former body builder and wrestler Robbie Anchant and up and coming fitness youtuber Zee! Your UK beef podcast team will be bringing you a raw , informative, hilarious and often heartfelt look into the UK Bodybuilding scene! So please listen to, subscribe to and share the podcast!

happy listening.

Episode one:


Neale discusses the PCA British finals which he is taking part in this week.

We discuss what Robbie loves and hates about bodybuilding.

Lastly we touch on recent terror events in the UK.

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